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An Irish Cottage
Theres a crackling on the hearth And the wind is whining about the eaves; A lone blackbird sings outside and distant waves break on the shore.

An Evening on The Marsh
A pleasant and relaxing atmosphere as marsh birds call from their hideouts in the reeds. And, in the breathless, calm evening, flutter about from stem to stem.

Lisa Kenny

LiveIreland 4 & 5

Lisa Kenny a 26 year old broadcaster, and was responsible for the production and presentation on the “Sounds of Ireland Channel” and the Irish Healing Channel”.

Emma Monks
LiveIreland 4 & 5

Emma Monks is a 25 year old broadcast and journalist. She currently co-produces the programmes featured on both the Nature Channel and the Healing Channel on LiveIreland.Com along with Lisa Kenny. She has also produced numerous music-related talk-based shows for various radio stations based in Dublin.



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