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Milwaukee Irish Fest 2004 Live webcast updates!:

The 2004 Irish Fest was another complete success, as beautiful weather settled in for a glorious four days in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the big mamu of them all. The 3&1/2 day event drew over 125,000 to the beautiful Lake Michigan, lakefront venue. We have run out of adjectives. There were so many moments. Ireland's great tenor, Tommy Fleming, in a stunner of a concert. The Brock-McGuire Band taking all of us to school to again teach how dynamic perfectly played trad can be. Flook swept up everyone's hearts in three packed concerts that had the joint rockin'. James Kelly and Daithe Sproule dueted a beautifully presented concert of traditional music played lovingly. Joe Burke was there, showing the old master still had some magic tricks stored in his button box. Perfect.

We're well aware of how fawning we sound about this festival, but there you are. Next year will be the 25th anniversary. That is going to be a new challenge to everyone connected. We can't wait.

Below Flook on stage Irish Fest / Friday Aug 20th 04


Irish Fest The Aftermath (2003)

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